How to clean baby ears??

So my little one keeps picking at her right ear. Went to the docs 2 months ago- they said they don’t see anything inside. But I always do, and you can see it just with a flash light. It’s so easy to see, and it’s always wax around it. This is all in the one ear. I can’t get it, cuz she freaks out when I try to clean. People tell me to leave it, but I have for like 3 months now and she’s still irritated.. so I’m getting kinda concerned, is this infection? Any suggestions would be great.
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Only the doctor can tell if there’s an infection. Personally I wouldn’t worry about it unless baby seems in pain or discomfort.

How old is baby? Could they be teething? They often pull and put fingers in ears when they are teething and it can go on for months. Wax in ear is normal and nothing should be inserted in to clean it as it can push it in further and cause impacted ear wax. If baby is still uncomfortable then you can go back to doctors but they would be able to see signs of an infection. This just looks like normal wax build up to me.

She’s a year and a half old. She does look uncomfortable and wakes up crying and holding her ear. So what do I do, how do you get that ear wax build up?? It’s obviously not going away as it’s been like 3 months.

It could be teething. Ears are self cleaning so the wax build up is normal, it’s how ears clean themselves. We are meant to have some wax in our ears, a certain amount is useful to stop dust and other things entering. If we didnt have any at all we would be more prone to ear infections. Take her back to the doctor if you are still worried about an infection.

That’s wax just make sure you clean her ears also teething effects their ears I went to an ent specialist

How often do you clean her ears get one of the silicone ear cleaners

Doctors normally say put a couple of drops of olive oil in ears to clean any extra wax out

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