Anyone else 18weeks + and feeling sick? I am approaching 19 weeks and have a constant feeling of wanting to vomit! Its been like this for a few days.
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Yep, I’m 18 weeks and although sickness is no where near as bad as it was, I still get at least a couple waves of bad nausea to point of feeling I’m going to throw up every day. I’m starting to think I’ll be feeling sick the entire pregnancy now 🤦🏼‍♀️

@Becky I hope it doesn’t last the entire pregnancy. But thats how mine comes, in waves. How weird.

Mines in waves I actually did vomit on Saturday I think it is what it is in pregnancy I did go to check it out and they just said it happens

@Delvene i was contemplating emailing my midwife but thought, I can’t complain about everything to them its just as you said, thats pregnancy 😅

I was last sick on Tuesday but sometimes I find allot of the time is if I’m really hungry or in a car, really suffering with car sickness at the moment I’m 19+1 day

Omds glad I’m not alone , I’ve felt fine since 13 weeks and all of a sudden a few days ago I started feeling sick again (currently 19 weeks)

@Estelle interesting. Is that recent or has it been that way throughout pregnancy?

@Tracy 😅welcome to the club! I am glad others responded feeling the same way too. I wonder if we are all having girls? Because the old wives tales say girls mean more sickness

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