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I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant with my first baby a boy! I’m so excited beyond belief but nervous. This is my story on my pregnancy and about my journey. I found out I was pregnant on the 29th January at age 21. In the previous couple years I’d been a party animal going out often taking ❄️❄️ around 3 times a week and a heavy vaper/smoker. Finding out I was pregnant was a huge shock and was completely unexpected I was still very much immature and I thought this would ruin my life as I hadn’t wanted a baby yet and wanted to keep on partying. Although looking back I think I was slowly falling into an addiction to ❄️ as I thought about it very often and not being able to do it made me angry and frustrated, but at the time I thought it was all in the name of fun. Due to this I kept vaping until 17 weeks but weened from around 12. I stopped all drugs from when I found out though but because I missed my old life I was very much unhappy. Around 17 weeks I got my head out my ass and realised my boy was staying no matter what and I completely quit vaping and I started to notice a bump form which made everything seem more real 🥹 since then I’ve matured massively I’ve prepped everything for baby I’ve saved money and worked all the way and even continued education along side and started looking for houses. I now feel ready for my boy I’ve bought everything he needs and I don’t vape at all and I plan on exclusively Brest feeding once he’s here. I don’t ever intend on taking another drug again because my boy needs me. I’m disappointed my pregnancy wasn’t how I’d imagined my first ever pregnancy to be but I’ve massively changed as a person from who I was 7 months ago. He’s the biggest blessing of my life I really feel like he’s saved me from a pipeline to addiction I didn’t even realise I was on. However I do feel like a bad mother I feel ashamed but then again I feel glad I could mature up for him as some people make 0 effort to change their ways but I can’t help feeling guilty for all the stress and unwanted feelings I initially had :(
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I also want to say he’ll have a very loving home! Also I’m just a rare case of someone who fell into that life as I’m very fortunate enough to have come from a stable family in which no one has addictions and live in a nice area! I chose that life myself and fell into that style which makes it all the more shameful as I was brought up away from it and still fell that way as opposed to being surrounded by it. But I’m saying that because it means my boy will also be brought up away from it and I will not be going back there as I’m aware of how lucky I was to escape it as well as letting you all know I don’t have people who use as my surroundings making my support system stronger ensuring my boys safety! I’m so excited to be a mum I really am 🫶🏻

The strength it takes to overcome addiction isn't something to sell yourself short over. Like you said lots of people don't quit using at all. Be proud of who you've become and use your experience as a learning opportunity and lessons to teach your boy in the future. I'm 23 and having a boy too! Congratulations!

@Reese thank you! I feel proud of myself for how much I changed and it’s really for the better and I feel very blessed but the guilt just gets me that I feel I wasn’t the best person to get pregnant but now I haven’t vaped at all since 17 weeks I never smoked a cigarette knowing I was pregnant or took drügs since finding out either so the only reason I kept the vape was because I couldn’t let me old self go but now I realise it was the worst version of myself! And I’m happy I let go! I’ve made a conscious effort to change for my son!! Also congratulations!! Your bump is soooo beautiful with those tattoos holy fuck it looks awesome!! 😍🫶🏻

Congratulations on making the life changes your baby needs! You’re a great mom already!! My first was a boy too when I was 24. He’s so wonderful. You’re gonna love being a boy mama !! 🫶🏻

Thank you so much anon ❤️

Yes baby boy changed my life already. I’m 36 weeks. I was also doing ❄️ and smoking and drinking and I sought therapy and got my ducks in row for this little man. BD was no help and yes most of my pregnancy was not how I wanted things to be but things are turning around. Evil has no choice but to flee 🫶

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