Lightening crotch and other symptoms

36 weeks on sat and for the last couple of weeks I’m getting sharp lightening crotch and pressure every day makes me go ‘oooh’ every time! Baby was 3/5 engaged two weeks ago. TMI but second day In a row having loose bowels 🫠 Anyone else?!
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I'm same the oooh made me laugh lost count how many times say this daily pressure in pelvis is fun 😞 what does the loose bowels me am worried 37 weeks tomorrow and last two days everything I eat is not agreeing ensuring keeping fluids up but can this mean labour is near do feel like she's dropped

Im having the exact same im 36 weeks .. the shooting pains in virgina is uncomfortable and makes me Say ouch etc.. it comes and goes and feeling the pressure aswell like waters goin to burst or need to pee even though i dont need to… Xx

I did hear if you have direah or loose bowels can be a sign of labour very near x hope ur ok xx

Hope not to near mind haha x

@Rosie i think it means your body is clearing out ready for labour which is what I have read 🫣 and same some foods aren’t agreeing with me too! My son came on his due date so I’m really interested when baby girl is going to come!! She is leaning on all the nerves 😟

😐 I just have feeling she's going to come early I feel your pain I'm at point cant walk far at all only potter about

@Rosie I know I walked to the shop and had to stop mid walk as I had a shooting pain straight in pelvic region and it stung 🫣 it’s like her head is right there waiting!!

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