Underfeeding baby??

Hey all, The weaning saga continues. I moved my baby from EBF to formula a few weeks ago, and started weaning. After eating quite well (3 little meals) my baby stopped solids suddenly last week. At that point he was on around 850ml formula a day. So I reduced the milk to around 700ml a day and he’s eating a bit more again, although not regularly and sometimes only if I pull tricks. Simultaneously, he went down from 8.7kg to 8.5. I’m now really worried I am under feeding him but also don’t want to fill him up with milk. Any advice?! Thank you
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Milk is their main source of nutrition until 1 so this should always take priority over food. Offer the milk first then meals. My baby goes through phases where she reduces her milk intake (also recently stopped bf and switched to formula) I just offer less more often then within a few days she’s back to taking her normal amount (4 7oz bottles a day). This can usually be if she’s teething. If they aren’t drinking much milk but you are offering a lot of food I’d cut back to only offering one meal a day and concentrate on the milk again especially if loosing weight, I’d also reach out to your HV for support and guidance 🩷

Thanks a lot!! Will try that

@Caitlin I hear this with “milk is the mai source until 1” as frequently as I hear “milk is not enough anymore to cover nutritional needs from 6 months” so that’s really confusing 🥲

@Marioana yeah it is very confusing! As by 1 they are expected to be on 3 meals a day and snacks which obviously doesn’t just happen over night so I think for me the approach I will take after researching a lot is 6-9 months introducing food (I’m doing blw) so she doesn’t eat loads, more just tasting and exploring then from 9-12 months you’d aim to be having 3 meals a day and then baby will begin to naturally drop milk feeds and this is when you’d start replacing with snacks. However it is totally normal for a baby to still need formula feeds after 1 year for a period of time whilst they adjust, it’s all a minefield tbh😭 also every baby is different just follow their lead, you are their mum, you know them best!xx

Thank you! That makes total sense! Maybe I overdid it with three little meals at 6 months 😬

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