Still sore!

I’m almost a week PP so very aware it’s normal to still be so sore down below. I had an Episiotomy due to forcep delivery, apparently stitches look good but tight. Still swollen on my bum, and when I walk I still feel like I might poop myself or my insides will drop out. How long did it take everyone to recover from this?
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I had an episiotomy with my second last year, and I had to buy one of those donut cushions to sit on because I was so sore 😂 But I did only use it for 2 weeks and then I found I could start sitting normally without getting sore. I can’t remember when I felt fully better, but it was definitely ok for me to sit after 2 weeks.

Oh bless you that’s difficult. I’d say it was a few weeks before my stitches first time around were well healed and comfortable and over a week for the swelling to go down. In terms of feeling like your insides might fall out, did you have an internal tear which could be swollen? Otherwise it might be worth asking for the midwife to check internally (if you’ve not been signed off yet) for signs of prolapse as forceps can damage the pelvic floor.

I had exactly the same. My boy is 7weeks now. I was pushing for 4hours before they realised he was back to back and I’d need forceps - you can imagine how big my piles were. Stitches seemed to heel quickly but I was very uncomfortable. I think it eased about 2-3weeks pp.

I also had one I was in soo much pain but I’m now 3 weeks pp and I am no longer in pain occasionally it feels a bit weird if I sit down a bit funny but that’s about it:) still got a lot of healing to do but just grateful the pain is gone 😅

I’m on week 3 and just had stitches start to fall out, I got to a week PP and bought an inflatable ring to sit on as the pain was unbearable but it made it so much easier to sit down given the stitches and the swelling.

I’ve also had one, I’d say it started to ease this week (week 3) x

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