Cradle Cap Solutions Needed!

Does anyone else’s little on still have cradle cap? I feel like we’ve tried lots of things but nothing seems to clear it up for good. Might get a week or two without it then it appears again. I’ve tried special shampoo, using no shampoo, using just bath water, using plain water, brushing it with a special brush in the bath, doing nothing, using moisturiser etc. Has anyone tried something that has worked for them? The rest of her skin is fine just her scalp
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I found baby oil works amazing. I lathered his head, waited an hour washed it. Some came off then I applied more once his hair was dry and left it for the day and its all basically gone now x

My little one had it from around 11 months until recently when my mum said ‘it’s from a build up of shampoo if not rinsed properly’… since then I’ve used the shower head every time I wash his hair to properly get rid of the soap, and within a week or so, the cradle cap had gone 🤦🏼‍♀️ That might be something you already do, in which case baby oil with a soft brush might work x

Thanks ladies. Tried the baby oil and a head lice comb and the amount of dead skin that came of was unreal 🤢Would never have thought of baby oil so here’s hoping that’s the start of it clearing up 🤞🏻

Dentinox shampoo is great

Coconut oil seems to work best for us - just be prepared for LO to look greasy until washed out!

My LO had quite bad cradle cap for ages and I thought it may go away on its own but it didn’t. Eventually I bought the Frida baby flake fixer from Amazon and, using coconut oil on her head beforehand, it all came off after one use! It was incredible - would highly recommend.

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