Nesting 😅

I want to start nesting and getting my baby’s things together sooo badly, but I know it’s still considered “early” for that (I’ll be 24 weeks tomorrow) I’ve just been staring at her clothes, car seat, and bassinet 😂. My mom keeps saying “you need to wait! everything is gonna get dusty!” 🙄 I cannot be the only one 😂.
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You aren’t. I already have her crib together and it’s made with her sister’s bedding since I won’t let my oldest daughter sleep with it. Im impatiently waiting to wash her clothes and all of the bedding, wash cloths, towels etc. and the only way Im personally fighting it is not buying the free and clear detergent.

No your not the only one I'm 20 weeks and now im wanting to buy my bod carseat and crib but if feels too early but congratulations and your not alone in this ♡♡♡

I'm 24 weeks, nothing left to buy or get it's all sorted 😆 started the baby's room last weekend so that should be decorated in a couple of weeks. Then I'll slowly start washing all the clothes and bits. Then pack hospital bags. That should break up the waiting time a bit haha

Get your nesting done now!!😂 I started at 20 weeks and I don’t regret it. I’m now 35 and so tired and so glad I got it all done early

I’m 23 weeks and we finished our nursery at 18 weeks. I’m only waiting to wash clothes because we haven’t had our shower yet

@Kamari 💛 time is going by too slow!!

@Tennara I was lucky enough to have a friend buy the one for my baby off of my registry 🙏🏽. Have you started one yet?

@Charley I love it!!

@Morgan That’s what I’m worried about too! 😂 I don’t want to wait until all of my energy is gone, I’m already winded doing basic things now 🤦🏽‍♀️

@Jenneca I love that, I can’t wait for my shower 😊

@Victoria 🦋 definitely get it done soon😂 you won’t regret it. I even packed my hospital bags early because I was not about to do all that at the end

@Victoria 🦋 I haven't but I have it priced the one I do want . I don't have many people who will be willing to buy somthing like that for me .

I had my baby’s crib together since we got it (we were like 6 weeks along maybe lol) and I’m 21 weeks today and I’ve been wanting to nest the past week. We hung baby’s clothes in the closet and just put a plastic bag over it to avoid as much dust as possible for now. I’m trying to get my stuff all together and out of the way that way when I’m further along and want to nest hardcore my stuff and house is all clean and put away all I have to do is nest with baby’s stuff. Kind of like “pre-nesting” in a way if that makes any sense

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