CMPA second baby?

Hi all. Just looking for some advice really and hoping not to sound stupid 🥲 My son has quite bad cmpa and has been on Alfamino since he was 3/4 months old, he's now one and failed the milk ladder twice. I'm pregnant with baby no.2 and wondering if this baby has a higher chance of being cmpa too? I have a cows milk allergy and still at 30 years old can't tolerate milk so I am assuming my son got it from me and my daughter on the way will probably also have it? Thanks x
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I actually googled this and the answer is yes. Because your first has a allergy the second has a increased chance of also having a allergy xx

I could be wrong but I'd guess its the same amount of chance baby 2 could have it as baby 1 Obviously they're at higher risk if mum pr dad have Allergies Eczema Asthma Hayfever So baby is still at a higher risk as you have an allergy

Hey sorry lovely their is a high risk same happened to my two little ones unfortunately xx

I'll just spoke to the OH and said #2 we will have to watch for a milk allergy as well. X

so i’ve just had my second baby, my 16 month old was diagnosed at 6 weeks and hasn’t grown out of it, my husband had allergy tests done and he has it, my second is 3 weeks old and the doctor is sure that she has it too 😩

My eldest almost 3 years old has multiple food allergies and eczema. I was really hoping my second wouldn’t have it, but he also has eczema and CMPA at 4 months old now 😭

It's a new diet at our home too. And we love it. Milk is fat. And feeding pathogens Trouble maker food (also gluten and eggs) We eat lots of fruits. Veggies and berries. My IBS is 90% better. My son's eczema is almost gone. ✨ Your babies showing you the way. And you know yourself 😉 💕 😇 Wishing you a good pregnancy and healing ✨ 🌿

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