Reflux advice?

Hi mamas, My baby had really bad reflux, and sicked after pretty much every feed, until i managed to get some baby gaviscon from the doctor, which worked wonders and completely stopped the vomitting. My doctor now won't give me another prescription, so wondered if anyone had anythi g sinilar they could reccomend? I've almost run out of gaviscon now and I'm actually feeling quite anxious about the thought of the sicking starting again after every feed 😭
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You can buy infant gaviscon from the pharmacy, just have to speak to the pharmacist :)

Oh no way, I thought it was prescription only! Thank you!

I would ask for it on repeat prescription as it isn’t very cheap

Prescriptions are free for babies so if it’s working they should prescribe more? What reason did the doctor give as to not prescribe again? My baby also has bad reflux and got prescribed infant gaviscon and docs just keep prescribing more and it’s free x

Yeah agreed if it works they should be prescribing so you can get it for free. My GP does and they have said to keep using it until not needed anymore as it is harmless (they would only suggest stopping if it was causing constipation which was worse than the reflux problem!). You can buy it over the counter but it’s expensive and not all pharmacies will let you. Boots normally do let you, they will ask a couple of questions and give advice on it. But it then depends if it’s in stock! We ran out one weekend and had to go to three different pharmacies to get it! As a side note, if you ever do run out of a prescription over the weekend and can’t get to the doctors NHS 111 can give you a short amount prescription to get you through, it helped us out the other week and I never knew you could do that!

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