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My nearly 12 week old has gone from sleeping through the night and only waking once to feed, to waking every 2 hours.. I know there’s meant to be a growth spurt around this time but I thought growth spurts made babies sleep more not less!?
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My baby sleeps less during growth spurts!

My baby boy is the same. I feel your pain 😴😢. Do you know how long this growth spurt is supposed to last? It’s exhausting and disheartening him going backwards with his sleep.

Mine is doing the same 😫

My 12 week old has woken every 2hrs since she was born 😫

Some wake more to feed more. Others cluster during the day. Mine clusters at night so I’m lucky if I get a good chunk of sleep when a growth spurt happens

I feel your pain. My son gonna be 14 weeks tomorrow and he sleeps from 7:30-11 then once 11 hits he’s up about every hour now. Before this he was only getting up once at 2am to eat. It’s so exhausting now

There is also the 4 month sleep regression but some babies can have it as early as 3 months as well. I really feel for you Mamma's, my LO has been good to us as she sleeps well. I can only imagine how exhausted you all must be. Have you tried setting your alarm 15m before baby wakes, change nappy and dream feed. This way they don't fully wake up and can easily fall asleep. This is what I do as I dream feed baby once in the night and once in the early morning and she sleeps right through it. Also try to keep baby awake more during the day with toys, playing and outdoors.Try to learn and note down baby's pattern, I know it's not easy but you're doing great, hang in there x

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