When can a new born start traveling?

I'm due late October and ik my bd family would like us to go to Thanksgiving dinner and I'm wondering how soon baby can travel to something like that ?
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Most people wait until the 6 weeks (after their babies are fully vaccinated) but really newborns can travel pretty much anytime as far as I know.

It’s you decision at the end of the day, but I would avoid travelling and too much contact with large quantities of new people until baby gets at least first round of vaccines at 8 weeks

My sister was traveling and doing stuff with a 2 week old. Its up to you! If you choose to go, Id make sure to be super honest. Like "we'll be there. But baby isnt going to be passed around and held by people" But its also completely valid for you to skip it this year. Maybe they'll bring some leftovers if they want to visit yall.

I traveled 3 hours to visit family when my baby was 3 weeks old and I hated it so much. 😭 Remember that it will be RSV season so just be careful taking your newborn around too many people ❤️ wouldn’t want your baby to get sick especially before their vaccinations.

I traveled with my first at 4 weeks and regretted it so much. I was in so much pain and physically and mentally exhausted by the time we got there that I really didn’t get to enjoy the first couple of days but also felt guilty for “being lazy”. Also I was breastfeeding so I had to exclusively pump while driving the 10 hour drive there and back.i have also had to do said trip pumping while not driving and still don’t recommend. (I was an oversupplier so I had to pump some before being able to latch. Plus I was also having to store the milk without the ice packs melting from the cooler frequently being opened) just wasn’t worth the stress when adjusting to being a new parent. However some tips I do have if frequently stopping, take baby out of the car seat regardless of if baby is sleeping to let them stretch and change them and slather their butt in butt cream and make sure you have pain medicine if you think you’ll be sore/in pain.

I am due end of October with my second and already told my family I will see them at Christmas and they are more than welcome to come to my house for thanksgiving but I will not be traveling there myself

my daughter was born late november but we didn’t travel with her for a few months because that time of year is bad for RSV/sick season. i probably wouldn’t go

I would love to go since ill probably end up alone that night cuase he'll probably go and vist n probably bring stuff home

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