With not long to go ladies I'm a first time mum I feel prepared for birth etc and have my c section booked in two weeks all so exciting and ready to go , but what do I need to be aware of postpartum feel like some mums our trying to scare me saying postpartum can be worse than pregnancy ? Surely we haven't been through enough 😅🤣 any tips of how you all coped be good to know Thanks
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After a c section you’ll only want high wasted knickers, nothing digging into the scar. Adult nappies for the first week or so are a god send too, so soft along incision. You can’t sit up after c section, make sure you always roll on to your side and use your hands to sit yourself up to avoid using ab muscles. You won’t want to sit on anything low or slouchy either due to section pain to make sure you’ve got lots of cushions etc downstairs when you’re sitting 😀 I’m sure there’s another 100 things to add but off the top of my head those were the things I was not prepared for as it was emergency section for me x

I think the sleep deprivation of having a newborn and the hormone drop can certainly make the fourth trimester very tricky. Coupled with major abdominal surgery I would try to prepare yourself as much as possible. The c-section bits @Rachael has already recommended sound fab but also making sure your freezer is stocked with easy meals, you’ve got plenty of pain relief at home, setting up a nappy change station downstairs and upstairs so that you’re not running around unnecessarily x

I have my bridgets ready and the adult nappies so glamorous haha , I really I hope I manage that I'm struggling now to get out of bed and into bed x

@Terri already done ✔️ and live in bungalow thankgod just worried more than anything about the hormone drop but my midwife aware, don't get me.wrong feel prepared done classes etc for new born and care just scary hope comes naturally 😬x

I would say our biggest saving grace was having a plan put in place for who does what. Dad would do the mornings and I would do the nights, he would take her from me for a few hours so I could get some uninterrupted sleep. He also knew that he would have to do all the dogs bits, the laundry, the dishwasher etc for a good few weeks. He actually started a few weeks before my section date doing it so he got used to it all. The hormones after can be awful for the first few weeks and you can cry over nothing, but it will pass, it’s just temporary whilst your body adapts! You got this xx

@Rosey thankyou that's helpful to know will definitely come up with plan with husband while he is off for few weeks xx

@Rosie, the hormone drop after my first one was awful. I sobbed for so long, and then she cluster fed all night. It didn't help that she was born on the day lockdown started, so I was totally alone. However, I got through it. One of the nurses was an angel, helping me to get some sleep. But yeah, I really cried a lot, and as soon as I stopped fighting it and let it all pour out, I felt better x

@Fiona bless you must of Been awful with lockdown to x

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