Foley Balloon Induction

Has anyone had a Foley Balloon catheter induction? I have never heard of it before and am now scheduled for it on Monday. Little background: I have been 1cm dilated since 36 weeks and am now 40 wks +4. OB says it's still thick but has softened. Got a second membrane sweep (light because of the thick cervix) yesterday, and if that does not work, we have to induce, since they won't let me go past 41 wks. Have also had contractions for the past 3 days or so but they are not regular enough, or they stop eventually. Frustrating.
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I had a really similar story! I was 1cm dilated at 34 weeks and was still only 1cm at 39 weeks, but showed signs of preeclampsia at an OB opt and then was immediately induced. I also had never heard of the ballon catheter before and was cautious. I started my induction with the pills and once I was 3-4 cm they inserted the balloon. It was slightly uncomfortable, but did move the dilation process along pretty quickly. After the balloon ‘falls out’ you’re finally dilated enough for an epidural and Pitocin. Should be smooth sailing once you hit this point!

Hate the foley bulb and the horrible experience I had with it with my first. Pain was out of this world. Made them stop bc it was so painful. I understand that everyone’s experience is different but since you asked… 🫣

Was nervous about the balloon but my midwife convinced me to do it since I wasn’t dilated at all at 41 weeks. It was worse than I even imagined- I had it done as an outpatient where they send you home with it and I was back at the hospital after being home after only 30 minutes. It was like having one super long painful contraction that would not let up. I would only do it again inpatient with pain meds or epidural honestly that’s how bad it affected me.

Adding that after the balloon fell out I switched to cytotec and that wasn’t painful at all for me. They wanted to put another balloon in and I refused and 10099% stand by that decision even if it drew out my labor process a bit

I was induced with cytotec and then a foley last week. I know everyone’s experience is different and it’s not always so bad so I don’t want to scare you, but I was miserable. Had 3 doses of cytotec to get dilated enough to place the balloon (first attempt failed, not sure how dilated I was when it was placed). Then I had it in for several hours until they were finally able to pull it out at 5 cm. The cytotec contractions weren’t so bad by themselves but after a while with the balloon it was constant pain between contractions from the balloon. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone😭

Had it a week ago, personally it felt like intense menstrual cramps and having to pee really bad at the same time. For me, I didn’t need anything for pain and the discomfort went away in 10-20 minutes.

Just did this Monday! I was at 1 (almost 1.5), 50%, and a -3 when we started. I got cytotec and the balloons, then another round of cytotec. I opted for the nubain and took a nap. Then when they checked later I was at a 6 and 80% & -2, pulled the balloons, gave me fluids, and started the epidural then broke my waters. They did have to add fluid back in because baby was mad, haha. He was all twisted in the cord and his heart rate was dropping during contractions. The epidural was light enough that I could move my legs pretty well and feel the contractions (definitely painful and uncomfortable but manageable) but I couldn't feel the important bits. Then when doc checked later, I was ready, baby was there, 3 contractions and 5 pushes and he was out! Much better than my first where I tried to tough it out and caved anyways.

Just got the balloon at midnight it came out at 10 am , I've been 4cm only since getting worried

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