How long is too long for a nap?

My LO has been sleeping 2h 45min now 😮😮. He slept about 10h during the night and was awake for 3h before his nap. He NEVER takes such a long nap! Not complaining though but.. shall I wake him now? Let him sleep until evening 😂? I'm so confused and don't stop staring at the monitor 🤔😅
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My motto is never wake a sleeping baby 😂 my first would often have a 3 hour nap, I miss them so much now 😂

@Bobbie Wilson I'll enjoy it while it lasts then 😅

I wake mine from naps now as I read more over night sleep is more beneficial than more naps, Soo I try keep day sleep to 2 hours 30/45 mins max 🙈 we now get 11-11.5 night sleep x

My baby boys been doing this having 3 hour naps I’m Ngl i have been napping right along with him I think it’s a growth spurt and down to teething that’s literally his only nap of the day when he does that though x

Depends how happy you are to do a later bedtime routine if they are super energetic. With my boy we tend to wake him at least 2hrs before his bedtime if he is napping.

I find if my daughter has too much day sleep she doesn’t sleep as well at night. So I have to cap them. First one at 2 hours and second one no more than an hour and half. Any more that 3.5 hours sleep in the day she’s grumpy, and doesn’t go down at bedtime x

Enjoy every minute!!! 🤣🤣

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