This may be really stupid but say if you were out and about with baby on your own had to get petrol and go in and pay would you leave baby in the car alone or get them out and take them in with you? This was my 3am thought whilst feeding 🤣😆
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Most petrol stations have card machines you can pay for besides the petrol and diesel pumps x

If I'm totally honest, if I was just going in to pay I'd probably leave baby in the car. I haven't done it yet as I always grab petrol from pay at pumps but if it wasn't working or didn't have pay at the pump I'd leave him and lock the car for 2 mins

I'd probably leave them in the car because it's usually shaded, you're not in for long, it's safer than getting them out and taking them across the forecourt and then petrol fumes probably aren't great for them. So many things we don't get taught 😂

@Kate I always do try and go to the card payment ones I just thought what if its not working or something 🤣🤣

@anon I'd be running in and out 🤣🤣

@Rebecca that's what I was thinking !

I leave her in the car and lock it. My parents did it with me in the 90s and I'm still here lmao. I just make sure I'm super quick as it does feel strange leaving her!

@Chloe 🤣🤣so true! Sure I just got left in the car if I was asleep

I leave mine in the car and pop back. You’re only in there for 2 minutes, the worst that would happen is they cry.

I’ve also left mine in the car. Was worried and came back and she was still fast asleep x

I would say leave baby in car and lock it as you can still see tour car anyway. However, when my newborn was first born I would sit in the back with him (toddler in the front) one day she was asleep in the front and somebody called the police saying she was in the car alone… erm if you came closer you’d see me and her baby brother in the back 🤣

This question came up in a car seat safety group I'm in on Facebook and I was surprised that a lot of mums were saying they take the baby in the car seat into pay because if the fire alarm in the petrol station went off the shutters in the shop automatically go down and you'd be locked in with the baby stuck in the car on its own - something i'd never ever would have thought about until I read it and now I can't un-read it and I'll be paranoid even though the chances of that happening are so slim 😬🙈 so I'm just going to avoid petrol stations for now haha

I would take the baby. For the first time before the new baby arrived I left my toddler (3 years) in the car while I paid and that gave me anxiety. I think do what is best for you in the moment though x

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