Need some reassurance ladies, my LO had his 16 weeks vaccines yesterday at 10:40. He was very sleepy and a bit wingy which I expected, however today he seems to be worse. I can’t put him down, hes super sleepy and is so upset. Is this normal or should I be concerned? He was fine after the 8 & 12 weeks jabs. I’ve gave calpol just incase he’s in pain but I’m worrying incase this isn’t normal.
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My baby was the same, totally fine with the 1st 2 but 16w ones knocked it out of him, just keep checking his temp but it’s deffo normal for them to be fussy xx

My LB was the same way. It gets better after a day or 2 x

Thank you ladies, I was worried as it’s past the 24 hour period but maybe it’s just took its toll on him this time 😩 he’s usually such a happy boy and seeing him like this is awful! This time he is awake I’ve got to be holding him and he’s pretty much crying x

My daughter had hers yesterday and she’s so upset and clingy today she’s never been like this 😢 and worse than yesterday x

@Samantha sending you so much love, it’s so difficult isn’t it! Just hope it passes quick. I want my happy baby back x

Thank you ❤️ hope he feels better soon xx

16 week ones were by far the worst and my little boy was out of sorts for a few days. Seemed OK on day 2 then was really upset again day 3 and 4. I think there was some teething pain in there too. Hope he's feeling better soon

Mine had his monday hes still off his bottles and clingy and crying.

I got told a few days that my baby would be clingy, and yes she was needing cuddles for a good 48 + hours after still

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