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Please help and tell me what to do in my relationship. So my partner and I live together in my house that I bought from my ex husband when we got divorced. He now partner wants to sell said house and move because he doesn’t like the neighborhood and he doesn’t like living somewhere that my ex and I raised the kids. Well I don’t really feel comfortable moving because I am the only one working. I work full time hours as a psw. I have two boys with my ex husband and a little girl with my now partner and I am pregnant again. We can’t afford to move to a new place without him bringing in some sort of money because I can’t do it all on my own with the prices of things. So I don’t know what to do because he doesn’t want to work, he does own his own business, but he hasn’t really gotten any jobs lately. It is confusing and frustrating because I know that I love him, but I don’t know if I can live my life like this forever. I feel trapped. L
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don’t move. we pay 4k for a two bedroom.

don’t move!! Make sure he knows that he’s heard and you understand where he’s coming from but wait and see if prices go down once the election happens

I’m sorry but he knew what he got himself into when he moved in there. Idk why men choose the worst timing to bring things like this up. Don’t move. You’re better off staying somewhere you know you can afford than trying to juggle all these things just bc he feels uncomfortable.

@Cheryl girl, don't even think about moving! You have a good thing and if it bothers him, let him solve it for yall by making an income and paying for a hew place. And I would still not give your place up, maybe just sublet it, cause you never know what could happen and you have 3 children who rely on you. A man is supposed to provide and protect, not make the mother hustle harder when it's not even necessary...I'm sorry, but I'm so upset by men who are just throwing curve balls at their women instead of making their lives easier. If he's so bothered by living on your exes property, he needs to find an alternative that will not cost you any more money & try harder to contribute financially even if yall don't move!

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