Bottle formula question

Am I being thick? Can I make a bottle of formula by putting boiling water into the MAM bottle, then formula and leaving to cool down for 30 mins in the bottle? I guess they are BPA free Is there a reason why I can’t do it this way?
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I think this is the way you’re meant to do it, personally I just find it too slow! The rapid coolers are a god send!!

No you can do it that way, that’s how if you follow the tin instructions it should be done (I don’t do it that way) x

Yes definitely can do it this way! This is the original way people would do it x

Yeah you can just be mindful it cools much quicker than 30 minuets though. HV suggested a thermometer to check the temp so being abit extra that’s what I do 😂 it goes to 70 in about 10 minuets x

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