Is it really bad to give your baby salt under the age of 1? Really struggling to make separate meals and feel like just giving him what we eat 😞 He just turned 8 months
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Their kidneys can potentially be damaged with too much salt as they’re still developing. They don’t need much food at all at that age. The bulk of their nutrition should still come from milk. I used to purée fruits and vegetables and freeze them in cubes then melt a few as and when needed, and then I’d add finger foods like a little bit of banana or slice of avocado, slowly working up to other finger foods as I felt confident. I’d say my LO had only 1 very small meal a day at 8 months. More of a snack. Don’t go buy social media where they show all these elaborate meals. Their situation could be very different to yours, also theyre doing it for social media 😅 Just some scrambled eggs, slice of soft fruit and veg and some blended foods to give the baby various textures. I think I even grilled some steak with a little cumin and let her suck on it. It’s just for fun at this age. Look up solid starts, most things just need to be sliced or chopped and hardly needs cooking! X

Yes sis it is bad for babys health. As much as its hard work, it's your duty to do what's best for your baby. Agree with sister above.

This popped up on my feed, so not in the group but hopefully ok to jump in! What I used to do was to salt the food last, this way I could take off a portion or 2 for baby without salt in and then salt it. So no double cooking but still safe for baby 😊

Yes it’s bad .. Just cook for you without salt remove his portion then add salt for your meal..

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