I need to vent

My little boy is 4 months now and I love him so deeply, it’s an unimaginable bond but ever since he was born I have this insane hatred for my step son who is 9 it’s like I can’t stand him everything he does and says annoys me. I feel like he is so ungrateful and rude and feels like he deserves everything there and then especially if his dad has anything to do with it. Has anyone else ever felt like this cause it’s pushing me to my limit and I’m ready to blow my top A stressed step mum
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I went through it when i gave birth with my 1st and 2nd it blows over your hormones are all over the place x

Message me if you’d like, I’ve been through/ going through the same in a way xx

I think when we have a new baby we start to see the faults but also we’re tired and recovering etc so that’s normal! That said I think 9 year olds in general tend to be rude and ungrateful etc - hormonal pre teens!! Leave SS to your partner but agree some rules in advance and if your partner doesn’t follow them etc pull him on it (away from ss) The less you have to deal with it the less likely you are to be irritated by it x

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