Do any of you randomly bleed still? I don't know if I should be concerned.
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My cycles haven’t regulated AT ALL

I have regular cycles now so I'm just confused

I haven't gotten my cycle back yet this time around, but with past pregnancies I definitely had really weird cycles. I'd go extra long without a period, have weird length periods, have random spotting in between periods or a faux period, etc. Took me a while to regulate. I'd recommend taking a pink dye pregnancy test just to be certain it's not pregnancy related. Women can have cyclical bleeding that mimics periods while pregnant.

@Tara yeah.. I found that out the hard way...

@Tara thanks

@Jenna if congratulations are in order then congrats lol! Also my oldest two kiddos are only 11 months apart, then my other kids are ~2 yrs apart, so I have firsthand experience with small age gaps. So if you need someone to talk to, my inbox is open!

@Tara aw thanks. Not sure if I'm currently pregnant or not... But with my first I found out I was pregnant when I literally thought I was on my period and it wasn't a fun experience for me.

@Jenna that sounds very stressful. Sorry you went through that!

@Tara thanks. I was more frustrated with the fact that I felt so uneducated about just being a woman lol. I thought it was cut and dry. Nope.

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