Sleep trouble

No I have not sleep trained and I don’t intend to spend money on something that I feel won’t work on my son. He is just going through a sleep change but mama here is losing sleep and it’s getting to me. He wakes up at 3am and won’t go back to sleep unless he has milk. I still give him a bottle before bed, there’s no way he won’t go to sleep without it. I just read milk can cause them to wake as it causes a sugar spike before sleep. He also comes into bed with me and does not go back to sleep for a while before milk is even offered. Is anyone else going through constant wake ups? I pray he is a better sleeper soon.
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Warm cows milk can put adults to sleep... I've never heard of milk causing a sugar spike.

My son isn't waking up constantly, but he's not sleeping the greatest lately. But he's definitely teething

We are having some restless sleep due to teething. But our one wake up a night for milk is dwindling. I just met with my lactation consultants and asked them what to do if he wakes at night hungry. They said as long as he’s done with bottles if he wakes up asking for milk it’s because he’s hungry so give him milk. They said bottles are what can be the comfort aspect. So cutting bottles and switching to cups might help determine if it’s from hunger versus comfort! But that’s totally up to you! I have now started doing a snack with milk before bed and we switched bedtime routine up. PJs, milk and snack in kitchen, bathroom for teething drops/ brush teeth, sound machine on in room, books, sing and rock to sleep. I think changing up the order of bedtime routine helped a lot and adding a food with the milk helped too. We keep it simple for snack like fruit and cheese or just melts with the milk. Just something food wise with it.

When my baby started doing this, we discovered that playing a lullaby through the camera puts her back to sleep almost instantly most of the time. We play the same one every time. Sometimes if she still doesn’t want to settle we switch to a second one (also always the same) and that works 99% of the time. It also works for us if she is fighting going down for a nap—she’s usually asleep in less than 60 seconds.

@Elizabeth I’m pretty sure mine is teething too, we had a rough 2 days of wailing and whining 😌

@Rachel omg thank you! This was so informative. I think I need to try the snack before bed with milk, but whenever we give him a bath is when he starts screaming for a bottle so it seems the bath gets him hungry. I have not tried the sound machine or any lullabies!

@Patty oh great!! I have to try this!! I usually don’t have music or a lullaby on but it could definitely calm my baby down and I could start now! Thank you!

@Nadia totally understand! You can switch times up too! We have sometimes done like milk before the bath or pjs part because he’s too impatient 😂 then we do melts another time or the second half of snack before teeth brushing, etc. sound machine is a hit or miss for many. For us it’s more about the fast it’s another activity of like “this is another step in what we do before bed” so literally any step in a nighttime routine that works for y’all is great! Then you can later drop things that don’t work as well or change the order when a routine is more established so it’s not so sudden! also just like Patty said sometimes if you choose like one particular song you sing or even if you hush or shh it can signal bedtime! You can also do like bedtime books that are specific to bedtime so just beef up the bedtime routine might help. Thats helped us.

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