Growth Scan - Reduced AC Measurement

Had a growth scan yesterday and the AC measurement had dropped from the 85th centile at 20 weeks down to the 16th. (Apparently any drop over 30 is a lot?) They checked the area is still getting oxygen and he's been kicking and moving about normally so is okay but it seems a really big drop. The HC and Femur were as per the previous scan centiles so just the abdominal measurement was the issue. I have another scan booked for 2 weeks time but can't help but worry. Anyone else experienced this and if so did they just track it throughout the rest of your pregnancy or did you have to get induced early?
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At 38 weeks with my last pregnancy I had a scan and the noticed the tummy was a little small they took me from the scan to the consultant immediately and wanted to induce me right then. I went home and came back the next day for the induction, baby was perfectly healthy in the end, just had an Umbilical hernia that didn’t cause any issues. Try not to worry too much a lot can happen in two weeks.

This happened with my first and they did induce early (ended in emergency c-section). He was only 4lb 6oz when he came out and they had been saying almost 6lb, so it was a bit worse than they had even detected/ I think he had stopped growing earlier than they thought. I do think it’s quite rare to have actual IUGR to where early delivery is needed, but I would push for additional, close monitoring from here on out just in case

@Allie were your other measurements reduced also? Yeah 🤞🏼 I'm hopeful that the next scan will show he is still growing and that monitoring is an option. Thanks!

I’m in exactly the same boat! Baby was measuring big and two weeks later showed very little growth. Had a follow up scan scheduled for two weeks time which is Monday x

@Charley just looking back at notes from last time and yeah looks like it was multiple (AC, HC, & FL which added up to the estimated weight dropping, went from like 37% at 20W to 17% at 32W to 9% at 36W, then he actually came out below the 0th centile) Sending good vibes & hope yours is completely fine 🙏

@Allie thanks for sharing that! although that must have been stressful, they monitored you and got him out when required and that's a positive! Thank you! ♥️

@Dee fingers crossed for you on Monday!

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