Vomiting yellow acid

Hello mummy’s I’m 36+1 and past week I’ve been vomiting every 2 days so much acid due to my acid reflux. With empty or full stomach I would run to toilet in the night and vomit a liquid yellow acid, (also noticed some blood on it last night) Should I be concerned? Normal or not?
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I would go to the gp and get some stronger anti acid like omeprazole . The acid can damage your oesophagus in really bad cases - might be why you are getting blood. I’m no doctor though! Will make you feel better though too!

The blood is very likely from a small tear in your oesophagus from all the vomiting however given that you are vomiting so much I’d call your triage just to make sure you’re not dehydrated and discuss with them about starting some omeprazole or one of the other drugs in that family x

I’ve had this throughout even with omeprazole. For me my gums have been bleeding and I think it drops down my throat so I seem to chuck up that and abit of acid. The omeprazole helped so much speak to your midwife she can get your gp to perscribe

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