Still bleeding after implant

I got the Implant a few days ago and I’m still bleeding every single day, it’s not heavy bleeding but it’s getting in the way of my life. Especially my sex life. How long is this gonna go on for???
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Is this the IUD or the one in the arm? I know a couple of people who have the IUD that bled and had horrible cramps for about a week, and almost everyone I know who has the implanon/nexplanon bleeds almost all the time, even me 😩. Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted to hear. It also depends what part of your monthly cycle you’re in, or if you got the implant right after birth

@Kayli the one in the arm, I’ve had it before but haven’t bled for this long. Just hoping it will end soon 🥲

I bled every day for just over a year on the implant. Had to have it removed in the end I was tired of it, it wasn’t heavy but still bleeding. The IUD I had inserted, it was great just painful when I had s*x as my uterus at the time was tilted backward - I didn’t have any cramping or heavy bleeding on it after I had the initial bleed of it being inserted. Fixed my period issue. The pill made me go crazy, which is strange because the patch omg I love the patch, it’s the exact same as the combined pill but in a patch form. I’d definitely look into it if the bleeding doesn’t settle or the implant doesn’t work for you this time.

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