Anyone else googling ‘ can I paint my house at 33 weeks pregnant’ But in all seriousness….. can I 🤨
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Yes you can! Just use water based non toxic pain, ventilation is key and be extra cautious on ladders or steps. I plan on doing sone paining this weekend.

Yes you can, open windows and you will be fine I did on my last pregnancy at 38 weeks haha xx

I’m impressed! I can barely get off the couch. 😂

@Sharon I say this ….. I can’t even be arsed to make a cuppa right now. Brains nesting , body’s knackered 🤣

I'm nearly 37 weeks with my fourth baby and omg I feel you both but baby has dropped and my breathing is loads better no xx

I lost my mind a few weeks ago (at 31 weeks) and decided to paint a mural in the baby room - I went to wickes and they assured me that most dulux emulsions are non toxic so as long as I took it easy and did it a bit at a time I would be fine. Mural is now finished (35 weeks) and no issues here except exhaustion!

You can but don’t over do it and hurt yourself. I did a LOT of painting before I was 5 months don’t have the energy for that now (36 weeks) baby number 4 has worn me out completely. x

Thanks ladies il take it easy and do bit by bit x

I’m 36-weeks pregnant and painting my house 😅

I keep seeing things that I need to do. I see the mess and want to tidy but my body is like “nah”. I now have a long list on my phone which I’ve shared with my husband. It’s slowly being chipped away at 🥲

Im 33 weeks and my partner has just painted the full house but yes u can i just chose not to help 🤣🤣x

I painted my bathroom 2 weeks ago at 35 weeks 😊

Haha that’s my prob - he is too laid back , and I’m way too impatient x

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