Does your LO listen to you read and focus on flash cards?

I’m starting to worry as my LO has never focused on stories and flash cards. Wondering if is an attention disorder. What are your thoughts and experiences?
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We don’t have flash cards yet as I can imagine my little one just wanting to rip them and throw them around 😅 He loves books, but gets easily bored if there’s a lot of words and much prefers interactive/touchy feely/flap/peekaboo books, so I’d say we’re probably similar and I’m not worried at all. They have a really short attention span at this age x

@Olivia I bought this and opened it today. He just threw it everywhere!

Sounds about right😂 I was drawn in by a video of a toddler repeating all the words so clearly but now I realise I’ve been tricked, he must have been a lot older😂😂

@Olivia I watched the exact same video too 😂

We were played😂😂

I work in a preschool and find 3-4 year olds don’t have the full attention for that. So definitely nothing to worry about.

Mine used to loooove books like from a couple months old I could read full fairytales to him and he’d happily sit on my lap and listen - now he’s only really into certain words so he’ll keep turning the page back for example to where there’s a picture of a ball and just saying ball over & over 😆 He does like the flash cards we got to be fair (they go in a little machine that reads the word to you) but he can’t do it himself & gets frustrated so we get through like 4 and he’s done. Wouldn’t worry, it’s developmentally normal!

My son will listen to maybe 20 books he’ll sit for 30 mis ish - he is obsessed it may just be that your little one isn’t into books yet . Have you tried ones with slaps and bits to pull up and down xx

Mine really likes books, but honestly I think it’s just her personality. She likes to sit with me quietly, but I know her cousin would absolutely have not sat still for that long when she was this age! They are totally opposite in their personalities!

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