What’s everyone’s daily routine roughly like?

My little one has always preferred sleeping late and going to bed late…now she’s one I would like to try mix up the routine so she is going down earlier. Any examples of what everyone’s daily routine tends to look like?
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Wake 8am 8oz cows milk. 9.30 porridge 11am nap for about 2 hours. Lunch Snack after school run 4pm. Dinner 5.30. Bottle 8oz cows milk 7.30pm and bed. Sleeps through 😊

Dinner 5pm (Bath & bedtime routine) Snack 6.30pm Bed time 7.30pm Wake 6.30am Breakfast 7am Snack 9am Lunch 11am Snack 1pm Nap 2pm

8.30am wake up 7oz cows milk 9am breakfast 1hr play together followed by independent play till he gets bored 11.30am nap for 1-2 hours 1.30pm lunch Activity or outing 3.30pm snack 4pm nap for up to 1 hour 7pm dinner 8pm bath time 8.30pm 7oz cows milk & bed

Wake 7-7.30am Breakfast by 8am 1st nap 10.00am-10.30am for 1hour max (latest wake by 12pm) Lunch by 12.30pm 2nd nap 2.30pm - 3pm for 1 hour max (latest wake by 4pm) Snack by 4pm Dinner by 5.30pm/6pm latest Bath, book, pray 6.30pm - 7pm Milk/Bedtime 7.30pm-8pm latest

Varies if i’m working but on days off wake up at 8.30am 9am - Breakfast play till 10am Bottle 10am & nap till 12pm (i usually nap too🤣) 12pm get ready & have lunch 1.30pm Go out or do an activity (1 hr nap somewhere in between) 5pm - Bath time 6pm - Dinner time 7-9pm play/read books 9pm Bottle & bed

How are your babies sleeping until 8/8:30 this sounds bliss 🤣

My little one wakes up at 6 for morning bottle then goes back to sleep in my bed until about 8:30/9pm but she currently has 2 naps but the second one seems to fall too late (around 4/5pm) so then she doesn’t go to sleep until about 9:30 or 10pm which means we get no evening at all and also I feel like this is so much later than other babies 😭 and she will only contact nap or nap in pushchair or car. just trying to work out if there’s something we need to change in our routine

6/6:30 wake up and have bottle 8am breakfast 12ish nap for 1-2 hours 1/2 bottle Hour later food 5ish has tea Half 6 bath and bottle 7pm bed

7.30 wake cows milk 8oz 9.30 breakfast 12.30 lunch 1/1.30 nap for max 2 hours 4 Snacks 6.30 dinner 7 bath 7.15 cows milk 8oz 7.30 bed (sleeps through 90% of the time)

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