Baby register delay psa!

Any momma due soon I’d advise to book your register appointment as soon as possible! my baby was born on 26th may, we called on 2nd june to book his appointment to be registered and the earliest we could book was 30th july, outside of the 6 weeks!!! this also means i still don’t have his birth certificate! we were supposed to go to ireland to see family on the 26th as wee thought he would be all registered by then, and now we’ve had to cancel everything as we couldn’t travel without the certificate
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it didn’t take me that long? my daughter was born on the 20th and was registered on the 4th

I’d ask for a sooner date as it does seem to long

Honest to god I wish I applied when I knew his induction was because he was born 30th June I’m now having to wait till 16th August to register the little man which feels like a life time away 🤦🏻‍♀️😂xx

How do you book the registration please

They do have cancellations each day so maybe keep checking each day xx

Yep I had mine beginning of September last year and couldn't register until end of November 😑

I got my registration quite quick he was born on the 29th May and was registered on the 7th June I booked online x

I booked the day I gave birth and the earliest was 8 weeks. I did email to ask for an earlier date which they did have as a cancellation so worth trying that?

This happened with us my baby came sooner then due date and I’ve only got an appointment for next week

I had my little man the 11th april and he was registered on the 12th June...that was the earliest date I could get.

Check if there is a different registry office that you can use. I thought I had to use Birmingham but was able to get an appointment at my local one in Sandwell within a week. My LO was born end of May and we were originally given a date for 17th July.

My husband filled out a form online and someone called the same day and offered us a cancelled appointment otherwise we would have waited more than 6 weeks

Check online for cancellations while night feeding, we got an appointment few days after birth this way x

@Loveth search on the interest register a birth it will take you to the Gov website where you will put in details and they will give you a time sloe to go down to the registry office.

@Jade thanks a lot

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