Weak immune system

Is anyone else constantly getting cold symptoms? I swear I’ve been sick every week and it lasts like 1-2 days and then I’m fine and it happens again literally a week later. I looked it up and it says postpartum makes your immune system weak. I’m dying over here. And to make it worse the days I’m sick are my off days from work so that fan-freaking-tastic 😭
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Aw i would maybe speak to the doctor or health visitor because it maybe your body getting itself back together, i used to suffer with extremely bad period pains and it was always on my day off from work and by the time ur back to work your still drained and dont get a rest🥴 definitely speak to a professional seek some advice and help🌸 i hope you get better soon!🫶🏼

I’m reading this as I’m having cold symptoms 😂

@Tamara🫶🏼 ugh yea I’ve been dealing with that too thanks for the advice!

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