Pregnancy symptom or early labor?

This is my second pregnancy. I'm only 26 weeks along and I've been having a pulsing feeling around my vaginal/anal area. I know that stuff like that is common but with my first pregnancy it wasn't as frequent until the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy. Should I be concerned about the frequent amount of the feeling at this point or just remain in the mind set that everything is OK?
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It’s your baby kicking or pushing. I have it a lot and I know he is just pushing in with his head or something in his body haha

I have that to I’m 24 weeks it’s the baby moving some babies are lower then others so you feel them lower

I was just concerned cuz I wasn't sure if it gets more frequent/prominent when your getting close to going into labor or if it's normal and my ob isn't very easy to get ahold of like my first one so I feel like I'm in the dark with a lot in this pregnancy since I was able to get ahold of my first ob/gyn personally weather it was after hours or not with any concerns or questions (my first ob has retired so I can't just go back to him for the rest of my pregnancy)

I watched a video of a doctor explaining what lightning crotch is and it sounds like what you’re describing. The baby basically kicks a lot on the lower part that’s close to your cervix. Think of a baby running on the spot, lol. We’re many 🥲

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