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People be doing all kinds of gym stuff in clips on Instagram and Facebook while in their third trimester....I need help getting off the ground...! My leg muscles have genuinely reduced a bit from having to seriously reduce my exercise due to pelvic girdle pain and fat feet etc. Anyone else? Or am I just being a wimp!?
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I cant even stand back up after bending down without holding onto something to pull myself up 😂

@Jessica yeahhh same!

I’m the same, i thought id be one of those people at the gym but my body didn’t let me , like yourself ive had pelvic problems but thankfully since finishing work earlier and having physio Ive managed to start walking again this week 😊 just hoping i can keep it up

Samee 🙈🙈

I have no idea how these women do it - unless they have a cook, a cleaner, no dog and no job! After work and making dinner I want my bed! My back and hips are sore the thought of lunging makes me want to cry. Making sure I get a walk in to keep moving and doing yoga once a week. That’s plenty for me!

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