going away child free

going to spain for (going early) monday-friday ( untill late) is this enough i haven’t been away in 5 years and never been abroad since having my daughter 3 years ago also anyone able to send me good websites for plus size 18-20 size holidays clothes would be amazing last time i went away i was a size 10 and over here i cover my body 🙈
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You’ve got all the essentials there but I’d always pack an extra one or two night time outfits and a few extra daytime outfits if you don’t have access to a washing machine whilst out there. Just for emergency’s incase anything is spilt or incase you sweat too much and just need a fresh outfit on. Enjoy your holiday and a bit of peace and quite xx

@Shannon ooo thank you i didn’t think about extra outfits even tho i’m always changing my outfits if it’s to hot over here 🙈 i’ll deffo try to enjoy thank you lovely xx

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