Autism assessment

My son is nearly 3 years old I'd like to get him assessed for autism but I have no idea where to start ? Who do I contact etc He doesn't go to a nursery so don't have one of them to help I'm pretty sure I have traits of autism, ADHD and anxiety but I'm not diagnosed with anything as again I have no idea how. Really need some help. Thanks
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Has he had his 2.5-3 year check? If not then mention it during his check up, if not speak to a health visitor 😊 unfortunately a diagnosis could take such a long time, however nursery could be a good place for support as they’ll have a SENCo within the setting that can offer support in terms of development x

@Courtney i didn't know there was a 3 year check. He's had his 2 year one I thought that was the last one I have no issues him being home I had no intention of him starting a nursery as have to pay for it and it's too expensive.

Normally they do it around 2.5-3 years, maybe u had urs a little earlier? I would call up ur HV or even your GP and mention ur concerns. The term after his 3rd birthday, u will be entitled to 15 hours free funding for nurseries also. Hope u get the support u need 😊

@Courtney thank you. Yeah we had a 2 year review done the month after turned 2 that's his last one in his red book so I'll have to contact them. I've asked local nurseries about putting name down to start term after birthday but I keep getting told he'd have to start in September with the school term and pay until his funding would start

Your health visitor needs to refer him xx

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