Sick from Pumping

Does anyone else just feel disgusting when pumping milk? I can’t stand to see my nipples stretched out over and over again. So much to the point where I need to cover them up either with my shirt or my arms when I’m pumping. Idk why but it makes me literally nauseous. The idea of any kind of nipple play after this breastfeeding journey is unbearable lol
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For me it’s the tugging on the nipple period. Also, when applying an oil to them before hand was worse than the tugging I literally hated it to the point where I would get nauseous. But after a while I got used to applying the oil but now that it’s been a year of pumping I’m absolutely tired of the constant pulling. As for nipple play, I felt the same way but when that time came it felt like I never pumped or breastfed a day in my life. It’s like your nipples adjust to the “situation.” 😂

I thought I was alone in this😂😂 I’ll go in the other room so my man doesn’t see me if he’s home or wear a baggy shirt

All of this yes. The breastfeeding, the pumping, anything with my nipples absolutely disgusts me and puts a pit in my stomach since the first time i used a pump to pump colostrum. Im exclusively pumping now and 13 days pp. The feeling of disgust has gotten better but it still gets me every now and then🤮🤮

i hated pumping so much, every time i did it i wanted to crawl out of my skin. next baby i’m not pumping lol i can’t handle it

100% agree I hate it 😩 I’m glad we aren’t alone

Yup that’s why I stopped. It was like mentally killing me just doing it made me nauseous and I hated it so much I would dread every 3 hours

@Cienna I honestly get angry and short of breath when I pump like I could freaking lose it any second.

I have 4 kids my 5th recent baby I just had I get extremely nausea pumping and sometimes's very annoying 😑 I might stop at 4 months or 6 months and just formula feed

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