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Baby boy is estimated 8lb 10 oz as of last week (I assume he's put on a little since!!) What size clothing would work best? I've packed a few newborn bits and 0-1 but should I also pack 0-3?? First time mum if it wasn't obvious haha
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Mine was estimated 8lb 11oz a week ago. I packed one newborn vest and sleepsuit to have just in case measurements were way off and everything else in size up to 1 month

My 9lb babies just squeezed into 1 month clothes for about a week then 0-3m was a better fit although a little long for the sleepsuits. Coming into summer (if it comes back) you’ll probably only mainly need vests.

Thank you ladies this is a huge help! I barely bought any newborn and 0-1 and was wondering if I should buy more but I'll hold off and see how accurate the estimation is and how he grows

My sister's baby was 9lb exactly at birth and he fit into newborn ok but only for I think a week or 2. Mines estimated at 10lb for birth so I'm taking newborn and upto 3 months just incase

My son was predicted 8lbs but came out 9lbs 🫣 he fitted into First size sleepsuits and vests from Asda! He was out of them by week 2 though 😅 x

My 1st was 9lb and went into 0-1 months (up to 10lb size) was in them for 3ish weeks? Only got that size this time and have had a growth scan today (40+3) saying 7lb 8 🤣 so have gone and panic bought some newborn size vests and sleepsuits! 🙈

My son was 8lbs 10. He’s in newborn still at 8 days old. Although I’ve found Tesco and M&S newborn are not long enough for him

My growth scans were estimating a weight of 7lbs max and baby boy was born on Tuesday weighing 8lbs 10oz! Anyway, he went straight into up to 1 month sizing and they’re just a little baggy!

My little boy is 8lb now and the newborn stuff isn't really fitting anymore, up to 1 month is good and 0-3 is still too big

Thank you all!! Great to know how things progress and hopefully save me some money from panic buying more clothes!!

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