How long after vaginal delivery have you had a bath?

Absolutely miss a bath. I forgot to ask my midwife at the appt. But I typed into Google and one article says after a few days, another says at least 4-6weeks due to stitches. Wonder if anyone has or their midwife gave them advice
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When I had my first in 2022 my midwife said to have them from the get go to help healing. I ended up with 2nd degree tear and stitches but she said a bath with some tea tree oil in will help with recovery and healing so I was having baths with a bit of tea tree oil in from day 3 if that's any help at all 😊

I had one within 2 hours of the birth 😂 well it was a sat down short and I totally forgot about being told not to use soap/gels before. I had a home birth and just felt gross and all I could think was I need a damn good wash right now! I didn't have any stitches, did have a small tear but was told it would heal on it's own. When I had stitches with my first was told to keep everything clean with plain water and avoid soap until stitches were healed.

You can have one straight away if you want. I had a third degree tear and have a bath with tcp everyday since

I had one in the delivery suite straight after! 😂 Didn’t know it was a thing not to? My midwife knew as well. Also had one instead of a shower for the first few days as it was more soothing on my tear than a shower x

Thank you for these responses.. Water running as I type 😍

I've also struggled to find a clear answer for this!

I asked my midwife 3 weeks pp natural birth but episiotomy, she said have one but plain water, and don’t be in it long! Still not done it yet tho too scared x

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