UTI during birth

I just found out I have a UTI and I’m due to give birth any day now. Also scheduled for induction on Sunday. When I asked the midwife if this changes anything for baby or the birth she said no, but after googling it I found this might mean the infection can get passed to baby at birth and bring some complications, sometimes very serious ones. Does anyone have any experiences giving birth while having an infection? How did everything go for you?
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It depends what the cause of the UTI is. It may just be a bacterial infection in your bladder. I assume you’re worried about Strep B? If you’re already on antibiotics you’re already covering yourself and baby if you finish the course.

And also you can ask to stay longer to monitor baby if you’re worried or they have signs of being unwell.

I am starting antibiotics today as I found out this morning. I just picked up my prescription. I’m just worried because Sunday is only 3 days away so I won’t finish the full course of antibiotics so it probably won’t clear by then

Ask the question when you go in. They may want you on IV antibiotics during labour x

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