If your daughter send you this how would you react ?

Context : my mother is a narcissist is her way or the highway also she got my bf jump and says it’s my fault also offer to shoot him but ofc she a saint Message : I don't know why you're writing to me for, but since you did, let me make things clear to you since I see that I wasn't very clear last time. Don't write to me or call me anymore to say that I am to blame for your cousin and your pedophile sons having beaten my boyfriend. It's a brazenness , what I said about Jon doesn't justify what happened but since you like to defend them so much. I never said that Jon wanted to hit your children what happened in Belmont was between Josh and me and Josh went to complain because I offered to hit him and abbe was the one who said if my boyfriend wanted to fight . you say you weren’t there but how do you like to defend them anyway I don't want you or need you in my life. I don't want you in my son's life and forget that you have a daughter anyway I doubt it's difficult. And don’t try to act like you the greatest grandma bc you suck at that too .
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As a child of a narcissist, this argument is likely something she wants to as it will garner attention and drama. For me, it was best that I just don’t feed into the drama. Yes, things will be said about me. Yes, lies will be told. Yes, people will probably believe her thinking im the bad guy. It’s hard not to have control over what the narcissist does and what they say. People who know you will see the story she tells and know what the truth is. I went no contact a few years ago. It was hard, but worth it! Therapy helped tremendously!

Unless you need her to confirm something in writing as proof such she probably won't. I would just take out. All the fighting stuff is pointless for her. She won't care

Just cut her off. It sounds like you’re not much better than her if you’re offering to hit people. She’ll thrive off the confrontation, don’t give her the satisfaction

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