Happy but sad milestone

Today I moved my 11 week old into the ‘big part’ of the pram 🥺 the reason being is she hated being laid out completely flat and not being able to see me or anything around her (isla is a nosey neighbour 😂!) (ps I have the ocarro so I can lay her down ‘flat’) Did she still fit into the carrycot? Yes she still had quite a bit of room in it. But seeing her smiling and cooing the whole way there and back to the shop made me smile and realise I’ve made the right decision 🥹 I am feeling very happy that she’s growing away (she is still a tiny baby) but I can’t help but feel a little bit sad that time seems to be going very very quickly😩 Has anyone else moved their littles ones over and found it difficult? Or just in general anyone had any milestones that’s made them really happy but sad at the same time? (Just wanna see if I’m being a bit of a whimp 😂)
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Aw we’ve done the same! Only commented to say we are both called Ellie and both named our daughters Isla🥰

Aww yeah my little boy is 3 months today and I have put him in a next to me crib rather than his moses basket 😞

I have this pram and my little boy was exactly the same, I moved him into his big part at 11 weeks too and he loves it. He actually goes to sleep easier in this bit more than the cot bed top. I hated how he couldn’t see me and I couldn’t see him

My little girl is 12 weeks old and she's been in the 'big part' of the pram at 10 weeks as like your little one she is nosey and hated being laid down. She sleeps better, looks out more, and we love being able to see each other now. Definitely made me feel a bit sad putting the carrycot away as she seems too little🥺x

@Ellie thats amazing 💗 we definitely have good name choices then 😂x

@Ann my LG has been in her next to me since 8 weeks :( and that’s only because she started thrashing her legs about 😂 it is so sad but so happy at the same time as it shows they are growing up 💗

@Mia Brend I hated that part about the pram as well! I’m short as well so could barely see her half the time x

@Caitlin I’ve already put the carry cot away before I keep it in the car for a big longer for ‘just in case’ xx

We’ve done the same this week & we have the same pram, our girls also have the same toy too! My LG also loves it and falls asleep quicker as she can have a little nose about first 😂 x

How do I do this though

@Gemma I hope Isla will fall asleep quicker then the carrycot! xx

Feel the same, 11 weeks today and will be transitioning too x

We’ve done exactly the same with our 11 week old this week. She’s a long baby so was quickly outgrowing the carry cot and we wanted a new pram anyway as ours was a hand me down from family and I was starting to hate it. Seemed silly buying a new one with the carry cot so she’s gone straight into the upright seat that can lay flat but she suddenly looks so grown up. It made me so happy seeing her looking around and smiling on our walks but like you, broke my heart a little that she’s growing and changing so quickly!

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