I’m a tad confused about the nursery’s, my little ones just turned one, when do I need to put her name down for going to nursery? Thank you x
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Depends when you plan on sending her? My little girl is at nursery already, she started in February 24 and I enquired in October 23. I do know that nurseries are getting busier cause of the free childcare age being lowered so some have a waiting list xx

@Carney could i private message you please lovely xx

Like above comment, depends on when you want to send them! I’ve just got my 2 year old and 10 month old enrolled to both start in September, only for 2 mornings a week to begin with. We’re utilising the 15 free hours and the tax free child care funding as we’re both working parents. We started looking last month and fortunately our first choice had space for a September start date.

@Alex yeah of course xx

Do it as soon as possible, there’s long waiting lists for some private nursery! X

@Sam could I inbox you please xx

@Alex yeah course x

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