No sore breasts

Has anyone been pregnant and not had sore breasts as a symptom? I feel nauseous and extremely tired but that’s it. Can’t help feeling I’m out.
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Yes 1st pregnancy no symptoms at all initially, my friend 2nd pregnancy just found out and she has no symptoms I'm 4/5dpo now and I've been having dull aches back ache slight tender breasts and feeling nauseous so I think everyone is different to add I'm also weeing alot more this time and feel constantly wet so much so pantyliner are my best friend right now

Yep never had sore boobs when i was pregnant with my son, my only symptoms before i found out was a gut feeling i was pregnant and mild backache xx

Yeah! With my daughter the reason I tested was because my boobs weren’t sore and they usually are leading up to my period. With this pregnancy my boobs are aching though so been totally different x

It’s negative 12DPO

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