Pretty positive….

I’ve taken 4 tests total—2 on tuesday, one on wednesday and 1 today—and they’ve all said negative (absolute). I know I’m pregnant. I’m having the EXACT same symptoms I had when I got pregnant with my first (9 months on the 14th). Technically, I’m only 2 days late. Am I just one of those who hcg doesn’t show until later? Or probably I’m just testing too early? Should I test next week?
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No lie this is exactly me right now. Every test is negative but now I’m late on my period and I definitely ovulated and baby danced around that time. So idk what is going on.

This is exactly like me!!! I took a test and it was positive SLIGHTLY and I took another and it was negative but I just feel pregnant last time with my daughter I tested and it was the same thing and I finally got a positive at 6 weeks

How many dpo are you?

I’m in the same, 3 days late and negative tests 😩

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