Hip dysplasia

Hey, has anyone experienced hip dysplasia. My little girl went for her ultrasound today and I was told this she has this on her left hip!!! I'm hoping I can correct it easily before any intervention is needed.
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Definitely book in with an osteopath or professional who specialises in children and physiotherapy etc. I went to a mummy and me MOT and the woman was so knowledgeable! She gave me exercises to try for my LO because he hates tummy time. It's well worth the money. And she mentioned to me about hip dysplasia, if I see certain things then I need to book for a scan, and then she would be able to help us correct it.

I had it (quite severely) as a baby but had treatment and am absolutely fine now. I’m a little worried about my little girl tbh, she’s booked in for a second scan next week as her left hip is apparently underdeveloped. The GP said today it did feel a little clicky, so hoping things are better at the next scan. Have they said anything to you about treatment? I wouldn’t have thought there is anything you can do yourself to fix it

My breech baby had 3 hip scans as we kept getting told his hips were ‘borderline’, eventually around 10 weeks old we were signed off as they had developed enough by themselves and no treatment was needed. Tummy time is good, as is baby wearing in a properly fitted carrier with the hips in M shape

@Tabitha were you told about hip dysplasia at the time of birth or you found it later?

@pratishtha found it later and only through paying for a private session for baby and I. 5 months she assessed it as possibility

I had it as a baby and my little girl has it now. She had an ultrasound as her right hip was fine, the magic number is 60 apparently, hers was 63. But her left hip was 55. Treatment for her at is a double nappy. So literally put her normal nappy on, fold a flannel into quartera and put that between her legs and then put a bigger nappy on top to secure it. We have a scan again after 4 weeks. They seem confident that a double nappy is enough to fix it. If not a brace will be required. I had a brace as a baby. x

@Neha I had it as a baby and am waiting on our second ultrasound! Interesting about the double nappy treatment… how long do you have to do that for?

@Victoria so we have to do it for 4 weeks, our next scan is next week, so will have to wait and see what they say. I believe mine was quite bad as I went straight into a brace as a baby.

@Neha thanks. Mine was bad, I was in a brace within a couple of days of being born and then needed the plaster cast later! I hope your little girls resolves itself easily

@Victoria oh gosh that's hectic! Thank you

I was born with dislocated hips, I was in a brace for almost a year, I’m pregnant now and my baby will have regular scans for the first few months once born for the same reason, but I’m totally fine! I was a little delayed in walking but was walking by 2.5 years old x

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