Feeling exhausted

Anyone else feeling completely and utterly exhausted! Feels like it takes everything in me to do the littlest things now 😭 I feel so breathless, at the waddling stage , can’t get up or down without help 😭 I’ve got less than 8 weeks to go now, I’m just praying it doesn’t drag in
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Have you had your iron levels checked? X

awwww bless, this was how it was with my first too, this is my 2nd pregnancy and im 30 weeks, im starting to get tired but i remember i started to feel so fatigued, i was taking naps a few times a day , make sure you rest up but also try and go on walks, have your fruits too

@Amy yeah I’ve been diagnosed with low iron x

@Sabira this is my second pregnancy, I remember being tired toward the end but it was much later on. I’ve got pgp aswell so I do try to keep moving from now and then, I just feel very deflated at the minute 🥲 x

I’m the same. Also have low iron. I’m hoping I’ll get some energy back once my iron levels go up. I’ve basically been in bed all day today. Absolutely no energy at all

@Fernanda it’s so hard, I’ve been on iron tablets and folic acid for over 2 weeks now but I’ve heard it can take quite a while for them to fully get into your system x

Someone else posted on here about this fb group. It’s got lots of very useful information: https://www.facebook.com/share/rwVgmJTAf4q74Zes/

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