Hello, I'm new to this app and also pregnant with my first 💗 I haven't been able to contact my midwife for over a month and I'm 15 / 16 weeks pregnant so I'd really appreciate any advice, tips etc :) thank you.
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You can contact the maternity hospital near your place. Also go to GP

@Larissa I've tried this and my partner has lost his temper several times over the last few weeks. We've been in contact with the head of our local GP practices and made further reports as we aren't getting any help from anyone. I'm just waiting to hear back and hopefully get somewhere but it's not been easy

I got a GP far from my house because of that. Unfortunately they are fully booked 🥲🥲 Did you check the hospital?

@Larissa I'm sorry to hear that I know it's frustrating. Yes I have and I'm seeing them tomorrow to try and change midwife again. Hopefully they can help 🤞🏼

You can message me anytime with questions or just to talk or let any emotions out 😍 you have FULL SUPPORT on this app

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