Getting Labor Going?

I'm overdue by almost a week, and if I don't give birth soon I will be induced on the 16th.... I'm getting like between 1-3 contraction feelings a day since the day before my due date and it feels as if my body is starting to go into labour but stopping. Is there anyway I can encourage it to progress further? The idea of them forcing me into labour with things either being shoved up there and artificial hormones stresses me the fuck out.... It is specifically on my birth-plan about no artificial hormones like pitocin, and thats one of the options they are putting across... What worked for you ladies?🙏🏻🙏🏻
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Take your mind off of it. My first pregnancy I went into natural labor at 41 weeks 2 days. Go for a walk. Listen to a podcast. Watch a movie. Bake bread/cake. Get out of your head. ♥️

@Brianna I've been trying to relax as much as I can, but nothing ever happens on the days where i'm staying off my feet and relaxing. I've let it be for weeks without stressing , but the contractions will start and then stop.

My contractions weren't severe until three days of them! I was one week overdue 🥰 if you aren't a high risk pregnancy, I wouldn't be concerned about needing to be induced, baby will come when ready! Inducing can speed the process up when baby isn't ready which can then cause the need for an emergency cesarean (this happened to me after they broke my waters 😢) if I could go back, never would've had them break my waters, but, this was my experience and everyone is different. You got this! Good luck!! Xx

@Gabriella Thank you, i dont think i am a high risk pregnancy but all these cramps inbetween contractions (as they are HOURS apart atm) is really draining me. I hope she comes soon because im sick of my body going into it and then stopping

Warm bath? 🛁 I took a bath with early contractions and got out & lost my mucus plug. Things escalated from there.

I can’t speak on my own experience but for my friend we walked a lot the weekend before she gave birth. It progressed her contractions. She started with on and off contractions on Friday then by that Monday she gave birth

@Brianna I've had a bath everyday the last four days x

Yessss this was me! It started on Monday night and was every few hours if not more, then it slowly started to come closer and closer between times! I hope she comes soon too 🥳 I bounced on one of those big exercise balls but I don't know if it actually helped 😅

Well, arrival will be soon. Enjoy your me time, if it’s your first! ;) 🌟 and Happy Birthing!

My husband just made me walk walk walk. Within one day my water broke. I know it doesn't always work and it's gunna be hella tough but go somewhere and just walk the less flat and easy the better. We walked across a bumpy field and it broke almost immediately. I hope it helps

Ik it sounds wild 😅 but like sex like deep sex to where he’s hitting your cervix

@Abi Oh wow!!! Yes honestly thank goodness for this day in age where we are able to have emergency cesareans if things aren't going well, glad it all went good for you too 🥰

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