Leaking amniotic fluid?!

Hi!! I’m 27 weeks and 4 days pregnant and for the last few days I have noticed a clear, liquid fluid which leaks every so often. I’m not sure if it’s discharge or amniotic fluid… I have no clue how to tell. Any advice??
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Call your midwife if any concerns regarding leaking amniotic fluid they will be able to check and see

There is a test your hospital can do to check if amniotic fluid is present, call triage and let them know

Call triage

Call triage. They would take you in for a test at your earliest convenience

I had this a few days ago. Like a trickle of water when I got out of my car. Went to triage and they examined me and said no evidence if amniotic fluid (she checked with a speculum after I'd been lying down for 30 mins but no dye test). I'm still quite damp and slightly panicked that it's wrong but also don't want to waste their time... any advice?

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