Bed guard or rails

My boy is still in a cot but we are going on a family holiday soon and they have a divan bed, so I’m thinking I will need something to stop him rolling out. We will be using our travel cot for the baby and don’t plan on getting another. Suggestions please? Do we need a rail or maybe those bumpers things instead?
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I’m not sure what kind of bed you are talking about but we have like a blow up toddler mattress that we use for our son. We just have it on the ground and it’s great. Idk if you would plan to buy a rail for the bed and leave it there or bring it home but they also have like foam boarders that you put under the sheets on a bed. We have that for my sons bed at home and the other side is against the wall

We’ve just been away and it was the first time my Lb slept in a bed as he’s also still happy his cot, i took the travel cot with me and used it as the guard, i wedged a suitcase between the cot and the wall to keep it in place and it worked a treat 👌🏼 just depends how big the room is and if that possible x

That’s a good shout about a travel toddler mattress @Gabrielle I worry with the foam ones that it won’t keep him in.

@Emma thanks for the idea. If his baby sister wasn’t using it then I could have, but she’s up multiple times a night, so just not practical unfortunately x

We had the same recently and got the £20 travel bed guard from Safety 1st (bought on Amazon) folds down so good for travelling and will use it when we change her to bed from cot.

@Charlotte that was the plan, but it doesn’t look like they work safely with divan mattresses as they don’t have the edge to keep the mattress in

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